The firm has one Managing Member, David M. Wright, whose 29-year career in finance includes depth and scope.  Beginning as a bank examiner during the 80's real estate crisis, he learned principles of safety and soundness which were then utilized in his work for three regional banks in trouble, including Boston, Tampa and Honolulu.  While many were being laid-off, they hired
Mr. Wright to help fix it.


His ambition pushed him beyond lending money and repairing debt to building equity by trading businesses.  While at Smith Barney starting 1997, David ran with the opportunity as a retail stock broker, exceeding expectations, earning corporate recognition, and impressive results for clients.
So much so, that he was promoted to Portfolio Manager to run private money on a full-discretion basis.


Mr. Wright continues that work independent of the industry's controversies.  It is in your best interest to have a conversation with David.  


Five Relationship Agreements
  1. You stop believing that an arbitrary index like the Dow rules your financial and emotional well-being.

  2. Your advisor is always honest with you.  You will always be honest with the firm and yourself.

  3. You trust your advisor with your life goals, aspirations and fears.  Please write them down.

  4. You expect volatility and inconsistent periodic results as the nature of markets.
    It has always been that way, and it always will remain true.  Prepare for what's next.


  5. Please, tell your advisor about changes in your life situation, or risk tolerance, so we can adjust investment strategy accordingly.  Nobody wins if your lifestyle is not supported responsibly.