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  Core Beliefs


Money is an idea to which we consent.  It only functions by trust, believing in its stable utility.  There is no other asset which does that.  A dollar is a dollar because we all believe it’s an accepted currency of exchange. 


As an example of its functionality, Publix grocery only accepts dollars.  Other asset classes are more complex, requiring greater consideration and skillful advisory. 


Is time the same as money?  The phrase 'time is money' is an over- simplification.


Certainly, they are related, but time is not money, rather they are both alike in that they're resources.    


The manner in which you handle one is remarkably similar to how you manage the other. Time is both absolute and relative.  I'll explain when we meet. 


Personal finance should be structured by purpose of need.  Financial affairs are arranged in a manner to protect your household lifestyle. 


Consider separate siloes designed to match distinct objectives.  Few do that properly. 


Money matters are typically a blended mess.  For 26 year Wright Direction has been fixing that. 


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