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  Core Beliefs

Stop the Madness

Essentially, stock investing is equity ownership in businesses.  By far, not all are in the same stage of their lifecycle's sucess and benefits.  Yet the market is simplistically described by daily movements of a composite index of 30 stocks, the Dow.  It is in your best interest to stop the madness. Simplistic explanations can harm you.

Turn off the television, and stop listening to 'experts' who peg emotions on the Yuan and change media's outlook from Tuesday to Thursday, for example.


Innovation always wins - it's the value of ideas brought to life.  Stay away from noise and negativity.  Know that even with solid opportunity, hype always preceeds reality, new technologies get over-investment, building excess capacity and negative returns ...  until the sweet spot emerges as the technology is proliferated and enormous volumes transact at relatively low cost.  And you win


10 / 80 / 10

This principle is so straight-forward that it can seem harsh, narrow-minded, and judgmental because it segments people.  However, it provides clarity to the way things are, so to level one's perspective and avoid emotional upset.


OK, here it is: given any large group or institution, 10% of the participants are dreadfully disappointing, 80% are run-of-the-mill mediocre, and 10% are terrifically on top of their game.

It's true in the military, universities, hospitals, and all banks.  How do things get messed up?  How many just go through the motions? And who fixes situations?

For example, YouTube is full of people displaying their worst.  


Trust all has not gone to hell in a hand basket.  You will meet an equal number of super stars who perform beyond belief.

Time & Money

Is time money?  The phrase 'time is money' is used to push people around, causing confusion of what is what.


Certainly, they are related, but time is not money, rather time is like money, as both are resources.  


The manner in which you handle one is remarkably similar to how you manage the other. So what are you going to do with your time? And what are you doing with your money?

Let's have a conversation to determine how Mr. Wright's disciplined process and clarifying principles can be put to work in your best interest.  


Money can make magic, and magic changes the experience of time.  


Do you value inflation or innovation?  10 / 80 / 10, make your choice.

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