The Process of Managing Money

The work at hand is never done, so it has to be managed through a continual process.  It does, however, have a begining.  That's where we establish the purpose of the portfolio.  How is it intended to serve your lifestyle?  Growth, income engineering, or capital preservation?


Typically, everyone wants everything and more of it.  The mantra is more, more, more. They say 'just make me money'.  This is not comedy theater.  It's the business of your life.  Most often a household should be structured with multiple accounts, each with a distinct purpose and defined strategy, implementation, and continual process.


Let's sit down at your kitchen table and have that important conversation.


Numbers have Meaning, not Emotion.

The firm utilizes a proprietary system for investment valuation, selection, and trading.  Traditionally, a manager utilizes fundamental research or technical analysis.  Looking at only one of these contradictory styles makes work easier, but it misses the value of both perspectives.


The Portfolio Manager at Wright Direction constructed a quantitative process which lets numbers drive decisions.  Have you ever read a stock research report?  And why is BUY the recommendation 70% of the time?


Buy, Hold, and Sell are all normal, healthy, necessary decisions which need to continually be made through a non-emotional, mathematical process.


How do the people you've hired do their math homework?  If you don't know,
stop the madness, as the 10 / 80 / 10 rule is true, and you may be wasting time & money.